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POV 2017-2018

Last fall, I started what I’m calling a “Point of View” project. I was inspired by Matthew McVickar, who did an experiment where he mailed a disposable camera from Massachusetts to Hawaii. His camera, taped to a piece of cardboard, invited postal employees to take pictures using the camera as it changed hands during the shipping process. I was also inspired by the Flat Stanley Project, a school project where you mail a “Flat Stanley” drawing to someone far away and they sent back a collection of photographs of Stanley’s experience in the new place. The project was developed by Dale Hubert who wanted to get children further interested in learning about new places. Inspired by these two projects, I started to consider what the possibilities may be of sending someone a disposable camera in the mail, where, instead of seeing the perspective of a drawing, you'd be able to gage the perspective of the photographer. Excited by the possibilities of what could happen, I sent out 20 disposable cameras loaded with Kodak Gold 800 film to various people using my FaceBook page, trying to focus on sending cameras to acquaintances that I don't know too well and friends that I've grown distant from.

The goals for the project were as follows:

1.) To put film photography in the hands of more people.

2.) To get a better understanding of a person’s lifestyle and aesthetic.

3.) To use social media in a way that allowed for more personal connection.

4.) To compile a single photographic collection of perspectives that show the differences and many similarities of people, as expressed in their photography.

Presented here is the final project, while at the bottom of this page is an extended collection of photographs from the project. 

Amarantha Groen

Sagres, Portugal

"A boat ride through the caves."

Montana Flemming

Charleston, SC

"Admiring our new home."

Ahna Lipchik

San Diego, CA

"Members of the San Diego Ballet after a day of Nutcracker rehearsals."

Tim Frye

Chicago, IL

"Breakfast, provided by my college for students halfway through Finals.
My friends and I took our food up to the top bleachers so we could people-watch."

Thomas Greenough and Erin Reed

Los Angeles, CA

"Drives around LA. We spend a good amount of time in the car, so we end up seeing some pretty spectacular roadside views."

Leila Judeh

McLeansville, NC

"My horse Moose (left), the barn owner's horse Sunny (middle), and a border horse named Red (right). They are all wearing coats because this was taken in the winter."

Maeve Kinney

Brooklyn, NY

"My favorite person."

Aryn Henderson

Chicago, IL

"My roommate and best friend."

Jacob McCall

Alamo, CA

Rosemary Tross

Toronto, Canada


Jordan Bell

Winston-Salem, NC

"This was my list of things I chose to focus on for my last semester of college. The last four years were difficult for me personally on and off, and although I eventually became much healthier, I still wanted a visual reminder of what was important to me for my last few months at such a special place. I tried to keep them light and simple and achievable. I think it helped."

Nuria Pellicer

Al Khatim, UAE

Ayla Combes

London, England

"Rachelle in London"

Georgia Morgan

Asheboro, NC

"A little fire in the field behind my house. We had a bonfire the night before. The next day, I was feeling low and walking around. I saw that a few embers from the bonfire were still alive. I put some leaves on them and blew until the fire came to life again."

Emily DeForest

Queens, NY

"The morning where I've got to go to work and leave you in dreamland."

Tim Self

Del Rio, TN

"The trestle at Weavers Bend."

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